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Handmade necklaces are designed by socially conscious brands and crafted by skillful artists for the ones who care for the environment. We sell designer jewelry for people looking to shop an online exclusive collection of handmade jewelry. Our necklace collection is a classic representation of the Indian traditional jewelry collection. Natural-fashion accessories are made from natural raw products that match your clothing perfectly. Our designer is focused on designing fashion accessories and handmade fashion pieces for unique jewelry collections at our store. We make handmade jewelry with jewelry designs made by artisans and designers. We don’t make personalized jewelry for any customers.
Buy designer accessories like designer bracelets, handmade earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, natural brooches and bangles at Sepia Stories.
We sell amazing designer jewelry that never goes out of style.  Our unique handmade jewelry will complement your outfits and add that perfect amount of elegance and sparkle to you. Investing in our designer handmade jewelry is the perfect choice for women looking to have something beautiful that suits them the best.
Our handmade Necklaces and accessories are made with kantha, crochet, and bead detailing. Should you choose to buy this product, you’ll choose to help underprivileged women artisans from a village in West Bengal.

These are limited Edition Handmade necklaces and fashion accessories with beads, shells, and crochet detailing from village artisans in Goa.

Creating handmade jewelry for Indian women involves intensive and detailed production processes. As a contemporary sustainable jewelry brand, our designer believes the thought of sustainability begins from the drawing board with good design concepts. It also involves finding solutions for sustainable materials and creative solutions for design sustainability. All our artisan jewelry is ethically sourced and made from upcycled and recyclable materials. We as a sustainable brand also look at our jewelry durability. Our jewelry is one-of-a-kind pieces that are handcrafted by local artisans using traditional and contemporary methods. All our jewelry pieces are handcrafted by artisans who are ethically paid for their skills and time. We have a high-quality jewelry collection for young women looking to have jewelry and accessories matching to their clothes. Our fashion handmade earrings are a perfect choice to wear on an evening get-together with friends and family

Indian Fashion necklace and accessories For Women, Girls and Ladies Online, Goa, India
Drawing inspiration from nature, such as the colors of the rainbow, Sepia Stories, an online vegan eco-friendly brand, has everyday designer necklace accessories for formal or semi-formal occasions. Be it an organic necklace or natural handmade necklaces – we have a wonderful collection of them all. The design of online necklaces such as these is characteristic of all our accessories – they can be worn anywhere and to any occasion. We have necklaces for ladies, women, and girls.
Fusion of traditional handmade Indian accessories with modern necklaces.
Our handmade necklaces are purely handmade and support a sustainable vegan lifestyle. These necklaces are made from organic and natural materials and are hence eco-friendly and sustainable. Yet the artistic intricacies and fused form are reminiscent of elegant necklaces.

Shop artisan jewelry crafted by talented Indian designers with eco-friendly raw material.

Our jewelry ranges from natural earrings, handmade bangles, and bracelets to hair accessories, designer brooches, and necklaces. All these exclusive handmade and natural jewelry are available at our vegan online store, Sepia Stories, an online vegan eco-friendly brand located in Goa, India.

Select best handmade jewelry and accessories and natural fashion accessories at Sepia Stories, Goa, India, an online vegan brand supporting sustainable fashion.

Sepia Stories has an extensive collection of exquisite jewelry, accessories, and handmade necklaces made by expert craftsmen. Get these unique necklaces and jewelry pieces in various colors and designs.

Buy natural handmade necklaces online

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