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There is nothing better than finding a great pair of quality Eco-friendly shoes that unifies style, comfort, and gives you a choice to make our planet a better home for all its inhabitants.

Depending on what type of shoes you prefer, we have a wide range of handmade women’s footwear at our store.

While you search for women’s footwear online, our store Sepia Stories is a perfect destination for women’s handcrafted shoes, ethnic footwear, and traditional footwear and sandals for ladies.

For Indian clothing’s our ethnic collection of shoes and sandals for women are a perfect pair.

During Indian festivals, women wear salwar kameez or a traditional Indian dress, and to match the outlook they would need sandals for ethnic wear. We have a huge collection of traditional shoes and sandals for ladies.

Our ethnic jutti and handmade chappals are sure to make the ladies buy at first glance without a second thought.

They can even try our handcrafted shoes for traditional wear. Sepia Stories prudently curates brands and styles of handmade shoes in its assortment that make use of recycled and upcycled materials to help reduce pollution and carbon emissions produced through the manufacturing of new materials. Our selection of vegan shoes and ethical sandals from recycled materials is full of wardrobe staples that will help you step out in style and contentment of mindful choice for the betterment of our environment.

The beautiful ladies’ footwear collection has ladies mojari, ethnic jutti, handmade chappals, and shoes for traditional wear.

A true guilt-free step is our handcrafted shoes and sandals towards a conscious living. Buy Women Handmade Footwear Online, Natural handmade products, eco-friendly footwear, organic online store, ladies footwear, and ethnic sandals.

We have a perfect choice for the to-be bride looking for a handcrafted wedding mojari and cloth sandals.

For the bride looking to find a pair of cloth handmade footwear for her wedding is a task. We have realized this and have crafted handmade cloth footwear for wedding wear. This footwear is a perfect match for her wedding trousseau. Our handcrafted wedding mojari is a hit among these brides looking to wear it in their sangeet or Mehendi function celebration. Our huge range of ethnic sandals and chappals is sure to help many women find the perfect pair that matches their wardrobe and their designer clothes.

Even the smallest steps are taken and make a big difference and each and every one of us has the power to bring in that change. Making small tweaks to our lives can leave a big positive impact on the environment. Putting a foot in this direction, we have curated a range of organic products for the environmentally conscious by Bare Necessities. Each of the skin, hair and dental care product in our personal care range comes with a promise of being natural and absolutely cruelty-free. Apart from the obvious, we also pledge to reduce our carbon footprint with our zero-waste mission by using biodegradable and compostable materials. It’s time we start creating stories of a cleaner and greener future for all.

Ladies mojari are always bought in shades that match women’s clothes.
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