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Handmade organic cotton clothing like shirts, T-shirts, kurta, pants, and jackets made from 100% pure cotton for modern Indian men.

Sustainable fashion is growing in India for men’s and women’s clothing and we are one of the most sustainable men’s clothing brands for shopping clothes online. We have clothes for men who are looking to shop fair trade men’s clothing for festivals, everyday wear as well office clothes. We also sell Premium cotton Clothing, sourced from other ethical clothing brands that manufacture men’s clothing with sustainable materials.

Shop Organic Men Clothing in Dubai made from 100% organic cotton.

Sustainable fashion and clothing range made from natural fabrics to keep it casual and contemporary. We are a sustainable lifestyle brand in men’s sustainable fashion having our clothes made from 100% organic cotton. We manufacture sustainable men’s clothing like Shirts, Kurta, Pants, and T-shirts for metro modern men looking for luxury clothing. We are strong followers of ethical fashion where we ensure fair treatment and wages of workers while manufacturing organic men’s clothing. Our natural fabrics used in men’s clothing are the finest in quality made of 100% linen, 100% cotton, or even polyester.

Men cotton clothing online

Sustainably sourced, minimally processed, and all-natural in every way, our collection of T-shirts, Shirts, Kurtas, Trousers, and pants are a win for the environment and also the man who wears it. Our emphasis on sustainable fashion is to make you look good with a clear conscience. Our brand Sepia Stories are focused on sustainable men’s clothing for the modern men of today. Our garments look very comfortable and come with various prints and designs for every man to select from between shirts, pants, dhotis, and kurtas.

Affordable sustainable brand in India in cotton menswear

Bring this positive change by combining your love for fashion and the planet by finding sustainable fashion options that best match your styles. We are among the most affordable sustainable brands in India with a huge range of collections of men’s clothing in cotton. The most natural sustainable men’s clothing brands are PETA-approved and vegan brands. Sepia Stories is a sustainable apparel company that advocates slowing down and promoting a conscious lifestyle by curating handmade organic clothing and sustainable fashion for men by craftsmen from different corners of the country.

organic fair trade men’s clothing

Our men’s clothes have organic materials used in each garment we manufacture. We are among the few clothing brands in men’s sustainable fashion. The current sustainable fashion industry has very few sustainable brands in men’s clothes. We have our online store selling sustainable men’s clothing like T-shirts, Kurtas, Shirts, dhotis, pants, and jackets. Our cotton menswear is a perfect choice when you are looking to shop for everyday wear or for office clothing.

Cotton casual wear men clothing

The contemporary handmade organic clothing for men is woven together with natural fabrics. Shop organic cotton clothing online for men, wardrobe staples, and occasion wear pieces in our men’s clothing section. Discover casual-wear items including shirts, kurtas, dhotis, and much more perfect for day-to-day and occasional wear.

natural cotton men’s clothing by a slow fashion brand

Shop men clothing online and lead a guilt-free lifestyle only on Sepia Stories. Our clothes are made with authentic and sustainable suitable fabrics of organic cotton.
Shop Sustainable clothing for men in India, made from natural fabrics, UAE, USA, Australia, Europe, New Zealand. A pure representation of a truly diverse and mindful land making us one of the coveted conscious fashion labels in India. We collaborate with designers & brands who believe in slow fashion promoting eco-friendly clothing, natural organic clothes, and organic fashion clothing, skilled artisans who survive on handcrafted products, and NGOs who work with local artisans to strengthen their livelihood.

men’s organic cotton yoga clothing

Our cotton kurta and cotton dhoti are very comfortable if you looking to wear something for yoga. Yoga session need relax clothing made with organic cotton fabric. If you looking to wear a cotton shirt or a cotton pant for yoga than we have it for you.

Shop online for organic handmade clothing and sustainable fashion clothes at sepia stories.

With contemporary designers supporting Slow Fashion joining forces under one roof to articulate, design, and craft alternate apparel and culture-inspired design, Sepia Stories has got you covered for sustainable fashion. Visionaries in their own right, we have put together an ensemble of designers, weavers, craftsmen, while also including talent from NGOs to produce a wide range of organic handmade clothing, natural handmade accessories, organic vegan Shoes for men, and much more for the socially conscious and socially responsible. Additionally, to support your slow and sustainable lifestyle we offer customization of any style basis availability of fabrics at no extra costs.

Natural fabrics are woven together to create sustainable cotton menswear

There is a story behind every product and every story gives inspiration for product design which makes it unique and timeless. Sepia Stories believes in this simple philosophy. We provide handmade organic clothing for men made from natural fabrics.
We covet to unearth stories of traditional sustainable and handmade organic clothing in India for men dusting the sands of times from its cover, seeking its simplicity and reviving its relevance to the modern now. The revival inspires us for organic handmade clothing and sustainable cotton apparel for men with the very essence of that era in its current context. And narrate these stories through our designs, fabrics, colors, and prints amalgamating traditional and contemporary sensibilities.

organic linen men’s clothing

Organic linen men clothing for men is clothing made from materials raised in or grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. Organic clothing may be composed of Cotton, Jute, Silk, Ramie, and other natural fabrics. Textiles do not need to be 100% organic to use the organic label. A more general term is organic textiles, which includes apparel. The technical requirements and origin generally remain the same for organic clothing.

Comfortable stylish cotton pants, cotton shirts, and kurtas perfectly pair with office wear and are made of the finest fabric and hand-printed.

Our cotton trousers and casual pants for men are best at price. The casual pants and cotton trousers are multi-colored and available in various shades that suit every occasion. You can buy formal cotton trousers and natural casual pants for men online at our store Sepia Stories. Summer is the best time in Goa to wear cotton kurtas with embroidery and printed designs. The kurtas available at our online store are fashionable, stylish, and yet comfortable.

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