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Buy the best cotton Shrugs and Jackets, hand-spun and handwoven shrugs in cotton dyed fabrics with natural fabric colors at our online store Sepia Stories.

Bring morality back to humanity with handmade cotton shrugs and cotton jackets, made from organic fabrics at Sepia Stories – a handmade clothing online store. NO matter what colour or design you choose, our cotton shrugs is sure make you look stunning. Scroll through our collection of cotton shrugs and cotton jackets that are designed by our ace designer Praful Makhwana.

Shop handmade Shrug and jackets made from natural fabrics like cotton, jute, Lenin and enjoy guilt-free fashion.

A shrug is a pull over light weight cotton jacket for women who are looking to drape a designer garment over an outfit. Our cotton shrugs and cotton jackets are available in various sizes, styles and lengths. Our designer handwoven cotton shrugs can create a sophisticated look for women looking to drape it for an eveningwear.

Styling with Handwoven cotton shrugs

A long cotton shrug design is upto the knee length of women. Our handwoven cotton shrugs are perfect pair for an evening party or for an occasional music concert.

Printed cotton shrugs for summer wear

If you looking for shrugs that can be worn with your favourite tshirts than our printed cotton shrugs are a perfect choice. It’s also an exquisite and chic way to add glitz and whimsy to your summer clothes.

Organic handmade clothing for women

Organic handmade clothing for women can never be mass-produced. For this very reason, we work with weavers and artisans to source one-of-a-kind, small-batch textiles, women’s tops, and accessories that live up to our quality standards under sustainable brand ideology. We make what is required for the consumers, which ensure minimal wastage. We care that what happens to our shrugs and jackets after they leave us is as important as the journey, they take to come to us. It is why we are committed to using only natural fibers and traditional sustainable fashion practices that have minimal impact on the environment in its afterlife. We believe in supporting and championing the work of artisans and are passionate about preserving their skills and traditions by promoting sustainable organic handmade shrugs and jackets and natural fabric clothes.

cotton embroidered shrug

We have embroidered shrugs for women looking to wear something Indian and still stylish. These cotton shrugs with embroidery are handwoven by artisans.

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