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A contemporary sustainable certified organic cotton clothing store and organic handmade clothing brand in the line of core classics made with pure cotton.

We at Sepia Stories as a sustainable clothing brand use 100% organic cotton at our organic clothing store online. We manufacture cotton clothes, natural handmade products, natural fashion & accessories for women. Our focus is to be India’s best organic fashion brand for organic clothing. We try to promote the concept of organic clothing stores in the urban cities of India where the need to enlighten them about the environment is a must. Our huge Men’s clothes collection is a perfect choice for the modern metrosexual men living in India. If a man is looking for Men’s clothes brand to shop online we have the right choice of shirts, t-shirts, kurtas, tops, and jackets to choose from. If men are looking to shop for ethical fashion clothing then look no further. Our cotton fabric used in men’s clothing is soft and lightweight promising not to irritate your skin in summer or winter. The cotton fabric is made from recycled soft cotton that is ethically sourced.

Sustainable affordable ideas styled by 100% Natural-fashion accessories for Indian women.

Sepia Stories is the best online store if you are looking to buy cotton clothes for men, women, and pangender. If you have a doubt and a query like where to buy cotton clothing online, then look no further. If you have searched various websites for women’s cotton clothing online then you would love a collection of cotton dresses, cotton kurtas, and other organic cotton clothing for women. We are an organic cotton clothing online store with our design house located in Goa, India. If you looking to buy a long dress online then surely check our latest summer collection. We have designer cotton long dresses for women with various hand block prints. We meet the requirement of an ethical men’s clothing brand by following ethical practices, ethics, a worker-friendly environment, fair wages to artisans, sustainable fabrics, and sustainable designs. As for men’s clothing, we don’t follow fashion trends; instead, we create eco-conscious clothes that cycle and recycle over the years. A limited few for a limited few! Organic handmade clothing can never be mass-produced. For this very reason, we work with weavers and artisans to source one-of-a-kind, small-batch textiles, cruelty-free clothing, and accessories that live up to our quality standards. We make what is required for the consumers which ensures minimal wastage.

small sustainable clothing brands

An eco-friendly sustainable clothing brand and natural vegan online clothing store in the line of sustainable fashion for everyday and casual wear. We as an organic clothing brand for men’s clothing just don’t come with standard small, medium and large sizes we have clothes available in free sizes for each man’s body to fit appropriately. Our cotton dress collection is also very colourful and traditional for women looking to buy for Indian festivals. You can buy these buy traditional dresses online at our store which are made from eco-friendly clothing fabrics like cotton, jute, muslin, and many more. Our hand block print tops collection for women is in demand among all working women. These block print tops are available in pastel shade with fresh vibrant hand block prints on them. These printed tops are made in cotton and jute. Women love to wear these hand block print tops in evening get-togethers as well in casual family meetings. Our cotton women’s tops are made with hand block prints of traditional designs by artisans of the craft. Our hand-printed tops for men are just not casual pieces but promise to give you a look that makes you comfortable to wear and flaunt it. Best Organic Clothing Store | Sepia stories | Natural-fashion accessories | sustainable fashion | organic fashion brands | natural handmade fabrics | cruelty-free clothing

cotton clothing made in India

Sustainable fashion philosophy curated by 100% Natural handmade fashion accessories at our store is located in Goa, India. Our artisans while doing hand block prints on tops follow the kalamkari process. Kalamkari is an ancient process of a handprint on fabric. The kalamkari process is very time-consuming and with tedious steps of dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block-printing, starching, cleaning, and more. We also make hand-block printed shirts for men. Our hand-block printed shirts for men are available in S, M, L, and XL sizes. These are available in a full sleeve printed cotton shirts as well half sleeve cotton shirts. Hand block printed shirts for men are durable and look vibrant when worn. Buy traditional dresses online from the sustainable clothing range of casual dresses, formal dresses, maxi dresses & ethnic dresses in various sizes.

Making sustainable eco-friendly fashion look fabulous with natural organic fabrics for handmade cotton clothing.

More and more people are trying to reduce their impact on the planet and as a result, a growing number of people are accepting and embracing natural handmade organic fabrics in India. Many new organic clothing brands have started realizing that today’s working women and men prefer organic cotton pieces and organic cotton styles to wear at their workplace. Making sustainable fashion look fabulous with every design with the help of our organic clothing store located in Goa, India. We value our brand partnerships, our artisans, and our consumers who share our ethos. We want to be a positive change with our philosophy of zero waste and protecting the environment with minimal impact of manufacturing organic clothing that oozes style and elegance. Cotton clothing brands in India

Shop Handmade organic clothing in India

We cater with handmade organic clothing to many countries beyond India like UAE, USA, Australia, Europe, Newzealand. We deliver organic handmade clothing and accessories in all major cities in India like Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Pune, Indore, Karnataka, Kerala, Chennai, Jaipur, Patna, Bhopal, Surat, Agra, Kanpur, Noida, Nagpur, Jodhpur, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, gurugram, Mangalore, Udaipur, Rajkot, Aurangabad. We strongly advocate the philosophy that every small change does matter. We use organic fabrics in all our clothing that are nature friendly and promote sustainable fashion. Our clothes are also categorized as friendly non-toxic cotton clothing for office wear. We have one of the best quality men’s organic clothing like Shirts, Kurtas, T-shirts, Dhotis, Jackets, and pants. These are crafted with fair-trade organic cotton.

Sepia Stories is a premium handmade organic cotton clothing brand selling cotton kurtas, cotton dresses, cotton pants and cotton skirts.

With contemporary designers supporting eco-friendly vegan fashion joining forces under one roof to articulate, design, and craft alternate apparel and culture-inspired design, Sepia Stories has got you covered. Whether you are looking for handmade organic clothing, cruelty-free clothing, artisanal bags & accessories, culture-inspired style for yourself, your home, or ethical footwear, we have you covered. Visionaries in their own right, we have put together an ensemble of designers, weavers, and craftsmen, while also including talent from NGOs to produce a wide range of organic handmade clothing, natural handmade accessories, and vegan Shoes, and much more for the socially conscious and socially responsible. We are passionate about protecting and nurturing our planet; however, we also love fashion and don’t believe the two need to be mutually exclusive. That is the key inspirational factor behind our organic clothing range with a focus to be India’s favourite eco-friendly sustainable clothing brand in clothing. We like to take thoughtful time in doing what we do, right from how we source natural organic fabrics for our sustainable fashion clothing line, to how we can give back and support our community while reducing our carbon footprint.

cotton clothing and linen

Additionally, to support your eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable lifestyle we offer customization of any style basis availability of fabrics at no extra costs. The best organic cotton clothing companies follow sustainable clothing practices to sustain and follow organic fair trade clothing standards prevailing in the Indian market. We are among the few organic cotton brands that manufacture handmade clothing for office wear as well as relaxed clothing. India’s reputable organic clothing brands manufacture only organic cotton products that are affordable organic cotton clothing for men and women. If you are looking to shop sustainable handmade tops for wearing at festivals or offices, you are at the right place. Our huge range of handmade tops includes cotton tops, trendy tops, fashion tops, printed tops, casual tops as well office tops. We also have a huge collection of handmade sarees in cotton fabric. Organic fashion brands | natural handmade clothing and accessories | Organic clothing Store | Sustainable clothing brand | Organic fair trade clothing standards

Handwoven cotton clothing for men and Printed cotton clothing for women.

There is a story behind every product and every story gives inspiration for product design which makes it unique and timeless. Sepia Stories, as a sustainable clothing brand believes in this simple philosophy. We covet to unearth stories of traditional sustainable and handcrafted clothing in India dusting the sands of times from its cover, seeking its simplicity and reviving its relevance to the modern now. The revival inspires us for organic handmade clothing, cruelty-free clothing, and handcrafted artisanal clothing with the very essence of that era in its current context. And narrate these stories through our designs, fabrics, colours, and prints amalgamating traditional and contemporary sensibilities. Best Organic Clothing Store | Sepia stories | Natural-fashion accessories | sustainable fashion | organic fashion brands | natural handmade accessories | cruelty-free clothing | Sustainable clothing brand | Best organic clothing brands

cotton yoga clothes India

Sepia Stories located in Goa, India, advocates slowing down and promoting a conscious lifestyle by curating handcrafted artisanal clothes, organic handmade clothing, and handcrafted home décor products by craftsmen from different corners of the country. It is one of the purest cotton clothing brands in India. A pure representation of a truly diverse and mindful land making us one of the coveted conscious fashion labels in India. We collaborate with designers & brands who believe in eco-friendly vegan fashion promoting eco-friendly clothing, cruelty-free clothing, natural organic clothes, and cruelty-free sustainable fashion, skilled artisans who survive on handcrafted bags and pouches, and NGOs who work with local artisans to strengthen their livelihood. We strive to delight our customers by curating simple artisanal handcrafted clothing, accessories, home and personal care Natural-fashion accessories that are organic, stylish and exult innate Indian.

cotton clothing store for the latest Cotton men clothing

In everything that we design and curate, we put nature friendliness in the forefront, making us one of the responsible labels for cruelty-free and handcrafted clothing in India. As one of the eco-friendly clothing brands, we source morally and responsibly. And want to embark on a journey of our organic handmade clothing that is both pure in style and guilt-free fashion. We believe in slowing down and looking at the amazing platter of fabrics found in nature. With this ideology, we reconnect with ourselves and the world around us and we lead a more conscious life aspiring to be one of the trustworthy eco-friendly vegan fashion labels in Goa, India. We have women’s one-piece cotton long dresses with Jaipuri print and are available in free sizes for women. For the free size chart please refer to the free size tree. We have many times customers asked ‘what is XXL size in number?’ And to answer all queries for free size or any other size, we request our buyers to refer to the free size chart in our footer. We have a few women’s free-size dresses that are best for pregnant women looking for cotton clothes during pregnancy. These cotton clothes also fit well with elder women looking for free size and comfortable clothes.

we are a sustainable fashion brand selling organic clothing at a fair price.

At Sepia Stories, Goa, India, our ethos is to design effortless style with sustainability in mind. Collections help people make more considered decisions. Thought of Mother Nature is into every stitch of our collection. We endeavour to create handmade organic clothing which is 100% organic cotton and cruelty-free clothing that is sustainable fashion and doesn’t leave behind a negative impact on the environment. Indian weddings, festivals, parties, and celebrations are occasions where you would love to wear the Best Handmade dresses made by designers. Every traditional dress or an ethnic dress in a wedding resonates with royalty. To buy an ethnic dress or the best traditional dress online is a challenge when you don’t know much about it. The ethnic dress has an aura that connects to the grandeur and emotions in an Indian wedding. Every traditional dress that women wear makes them feel like a queen of India as handmade traditional dresses are the beauty of Indian clothes for modern women.

cotton clothing labels

We are one of the eco-friendly clothing brands in the country and recall that handcrafted clothing in India was always an ancient art and a way of living for decades which is unfortunately forgotten in the fast-paced modern life. We are here to revive, nurture and value it. At the heart of everything we do we are a sustainable clothing brand, be it our organic handmade clothing,cruelty-free clothing, sustainable linen clothing, alternative apparel, or be it our network of brand partners and artisans, we share the commonality of love for style, fashion, Indian handcrafted artistry, and everything with human connect! We care that what happens to our products after they leave us is as important as the journey; they take to come to you. It is why we are committed to using only natural fibres and traditional methods that have minimal impact on the environment in its afterlife. We believe in supporting and championing the work of artisans and are passionate about preserving their skills and traditions by promoting organic handmade clothing and natural fabrics clothes.

cotton clothing brands in India

Their unique weaves, distinctive printing, natural dyeing techniques, and hand embroideries passed on from one generation to another can never be mass-produced, and we offer you a piece of it. And with it their thoughts, their mastery, their love, and their stories. After all, we are their storytellers. A natural skill cannot be taught but only groomed. Just like the talent of a few underprivileged women from Bengal whose hand sewing skills were honed to make a collection of handmade accessories that comes to you from our soul. Discover our thoughtfully curated collection of natural, eco-friendly, ethical accessories. Each piece, from our range of bangles, earrings, necklaces, and hair accessories is carefully handcrafted out of sustainable natural fabrics, natural shells and various other recycled and upcycled material fabrics because while looking good feels great, protecting the planet feels even better. While using only natural fabrics is one way of giving back to nature, we are determined to be socially responsible in giving back to the community by supporting the livelihood of skilful but underprivileged artisanal geniuses who struggle to find avenues for showcasing their flair.

Hand block print tops and shirts

These handmade sarees are made by artisans with ethical practices and with sustainable fabrics. The printing techniques used by artisans to make these handmade sarees are traditional methods of saree printing like a block print, tie and die and many more. Our handmade clothing range is available for men, women, and pangender where they can shop from our huge clothing collection of shirts, T-shirts, tops, kurtas, sarees, pants, skirts, palazzo, Kurtis, jackets, scarves, jumpsuits, and overlays. We are the best organic clothing brands where we SHIP ACROSS THE WORLD Natural-fashion accessories, natural handmade products, and SUSTAINABLE clothing FOR MEN AND WOMEN.

Buy cotton clothing online

The policy we follow as a sustainable clothing company, are we use more sustainable materials in producing our clothes for men and women. India has very few sustainable fashion brands, and we at Sepia stories as among those few sustainable fashion brands. It is a whole new world of shopping for organic cruelty-free clothing and handmade accessories at Sepia Stories online store in Goa, India. For placing your order or getting styling tips, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. If you are attending a function, we promise you wouldn’t have to dodge any plans for a delay in looking chic. Count on Sepia Stories online store for nothing less than natural 100% organic cotton clothes for every important occasion. The ready-to-dispatch statement-makers and customizable styles will reach you sooner than you think.

sustainable footwear brand

There is nothing better than finding a great pair of quality footwear that unifies style, and comfort, and gives you a choice to make our planet a better home for all its inhabitants. Sepia Stories prudently curates brands and styles of handmade footwear in its assortment that make use of recycled and upcycled material to help reduce pollution and carbon emissions produced through the manufacturing of new fabrics. Our selection of vegan shoes and sandals from recycled material fabrics is full of wardrobe staples that will help you step out in style and contentment of mindful choice for the betterment of our environment. A true guilt-free step in our handmade shoes towards a conscious living. We tie up with sustainable shoe manufacturers in India. Let your home narrate a story of conscious, natural, and organic living. Your home is an extension of your style and personality. Fill it consciously with colour, light, and character with a selection of handmade home accessories from Sepia Stories. By choosing eco-friendly and handmade accessories, you can easily give every corner, nook, and cranny its appeal.

Free size details for women wear

If you looking for slow fashion brands in 100% organic cotton clothes then you can effortlessly shop at Sepia Stories’ online store. With an array of price points for handmade organic clothing, Sepia Stories gives you the perfect opportunity to double up the thrill of your shopping experience with a guilt-free indulgence for handcrafted clothing and accessories. Choose from a collection across the segments of organic clothing, vegan shoes, eco-friendly bags, and handmade accessories for men & women. We are among the few sustainable fashion companies that focus on sustainable fashion practices. Sepia Stories is an online store for people looking for sustainable shopping destinations for clothes. The people who are searching for clothes made of sustainable fabrics can shop at our online store. We are a sustainable brand that promotes clothing for men and women made from sustainable fabrics. India has many fair trade fashion brands having a collection of clothes made with sustainable designs. All our clothing has sustainable upcycled fabric which is organic and handmade. Modern India is moving towards sustainable styles with new sustainable fashion trends being set for people to follow. All ethical clothing brands in sustainable fashion believe in using sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics.

We have always heard this from many sustainable lifestyle followers and sustainable fashion bloggers, Where to buy sustainable clothing?

Sustainable clothing is all about the conventional cotton fabric used to make sustainable clothes for men and women. A few years ago there was a period where ‘sustainable clothing’ would create images of unacceptable styles and designs. But in today’s time, there are many sustainable brands and vintage shops that have introduced their own slow fashion clothing collections. These brands are investing to minimize the industry’s carbon footprints and implement ethical practices with the use of sustainable fabrics and sustainable designs in their styles. These brands also have a huge collection of cotton eco-friendly clothing which are as well gender-free and solely made from recycled, organic, and waste materials and all available in limited quantities to avoid overproduction of sustainable clothes.

sustainable home decor products

Illuminate a living room or bedroom with our collection of aromatic hand-poured soy wax candles and fill it with warmth in hues of yellow. Our assortment of décor accessories in natural materials with non-toxic colours can give a robust character to any wall or any corner. Our home décor ideas include ethically sourced pure cotton cushion covers in exquisite hand embroideries and luxurious handwoven textures. Our kitchenware range is for adopting and adapting to a conscious lifestyle. So, go on and curate your home for mindful living. T-shirts are one of the most basic wardrobe items for men’s clothing. When you buy a short sleeve men’s t-shirt or a long sleeve men’s t-shirt what you need to see is the fit and how it will look on you. The print and colour of the t-shirt is something you need to see once you are sure you want to buy which fir of the t-shirt. Also, you need to see the comfort over style when you shop for a long sleeve t-shirt as what you pick is a direct reflection of you.

best cotton clothing companies

Also, the fabric should be a point you also need to review while you decide on the t-shirt for yourself. Pick pure cotton or linen or a recyclable knitted fabric for your long sleeve t-shirt. Men like to wear long-sleeve shirts made from thin cotton fabrics with cotton blends. Real cotton is sourced ethically from farms in India ensuring that people are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of gender or race. Conventional cotton shirts for men are always in demand due to their softness and durability. Plain white cotton men’s shirts made from organic cotton are also most preferred for wearing with suits for weddings. Men also like to wear Bandhani shirts made from organic cotton fabric. These Bandhani shirts are available at our organic clothing store and as well our offline store in Goa. Many fast fashion brands try to promote themselves as having the best brand of clothes in India, but the trend of organic clothing in India is now changing the pattern of shopping online. All sustainable clothing brands with an online organic clothing store are now in demand for cotton clothes and eco-friendly clothing.

organic clothing brand

Stepping into the future with the natural and organic secrets of the past. Even the smallest steps taken make a big difference and every one of us has the power to bring in that change. Making small tweaks to our lives can leave a big positive impact on the environment. Putting afoot in this direction, we have curated a range of organic products for the environmentally conscious by Bare Necessities. Each of the skin, hair and dental care product in our personal care range comes with a promise of being 100% natural and cruelty-free. Apart from the obvious, we also pledge to reduce our carbon footprint with our zero-waste mission by using biodegradable and compostable material. It’s time we start creating stories of a cleaner and greener future for all.

organic Indian clothing brands

We make the medium as exquisite as the message or design. While we understand the power and knowledge of the digital age, we at Sepia Stories have also observed the want and appreciation for stationery that’s both organic and handcrafted. There’s a warm satisfaction when you put pen to the maker and see that first scratch turn into a beautiful design. From our humble studio, we envision, design, and handcraft stationery that’s handcrafted with recycled paper and upcycled material. Our diaries are crafted in the traditional ‘Khero Khata’ style of Bengal with the writing pages made from recycled hosiery waste. All this to complement our eco-friendly bamboo pens and seed pencils. If you ever wanted inspiration to pick up that pen or pencil this is where you begin!

men cotton shirts

We have cotton shirts for men that are printed with eco-friendly techniques. These cotton shirts fit perfectly for office wear or even casual outings with your family. If you are looking for a men’s clothes shop selling cotton shirts then Sepia Stories has a collection you would like to shop from. Our vision as an organic clothing brand is to create a trend of organic clothing in India for men and women. Organic clothing brands in India are driven by designer passion and fashion trends prevailing. We believe organic clothing in India has a huge market to grow and we have a collection of clothes for both men and women to explore and shop.

sustainable fashion movement

The Sepia Stories blog is our efforts toward a sustainable fashion movement where we guide our viewers in adopting and adapting to eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable lifestyles. It is a sustainable shopping destination for men and women and pangender clothing made from more sustainable materials. The information given in the blog is for people with an approach to the conscious living who want to get first-hand access to how to lead a mindful life. We promote more sustainable materials when it comes to clothing. We write about weaving techniques of handmade organic clothing, fair trade fashion brands, the revival of handcrafted printing techniques, slow fashion brands, how to make sustainable fashion affordable, and to making of 100% Natural-fashion accessories. Get acquainted with eco-friendly and vegan fashion with cruelty-free and vegan brands with sustainable designs. In harmony with changing style sensibilities and the acceptance of sustainable fabrics with the need for a zero-waste ethic, eco-friendly vegan fashion is highlighted as a global fashion brand. The importance of sustainable fashion is to create awareness among the youth.

Seeking Sustainable Simplicity

We covet to unearth stories of traditional sustainable and handcrafted clothing dusting the sands of time from its cover, seeking its simplicity and reviving its relevance to the modern now.

The revival inspires us for organic handmade clothing and handcrafted artisanal products with the very essence of that era in the current context. And narrate these stories through our designs, fabrics, colours and prints amalgamating traditional and contemporary sensibilities.

For your Conscious wardrobe


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Live mindfully


We encourage human touch with hand made
processes across all levels of production


We produce as per orders for mindful
consumption and minimal wastage of resources.


We ship worldwide.

All you need to build a conscious wardrobe

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Mindful menswear for a sustainable lifestyle

Mindful menswear for a sustainable lifestyle

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A limited few for a limited few !

Best Organic Clothing Store | Sepia stories | Natural fashion accessories | sustainable fashion | organic fashion brands | natural handmade products

The unique weaves, distinctive printing, natural dyeing techniques and exquisite hand embroideries are passed on from one generation of artisans to another. These crafts can never be mass produced, and we offer you a piece of it.

And with it their thoughts, their mastery, their love and their stories.

After all, we are their story tellers.

We bring cruelty free products to you.

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