Kantha work is a traditional embroidery style that originated in India and Bangladesh. It involves stitching together layers of old saris, dhotis, and other cotton fabrics to create beautiful and intricate designs. Kantha work has been around for centuries and continues to be a popular art form today.At Sepia Stories, we proudly showcase Kantha work’s beauty through our handcrafted products. We work with skilled artisans who have mastered this technique over generations. Each product is made with love and care, using only high-quality materials sourced ethically.Our collection includes everything from bags and jewellery to cushion covers and more – all adorned with stunning Kantha embroidery. So whether you’re looking for a unique piece of home decor or an eye-catching accessory to complete your outfit, we have something for everyone at Sepia Stories.


Discover the timeless artistry of Kantha, a traditional embroidery technique with roots deeply embedded in the cultural tapestry of the Indian subcontinent. Originating from the Sanskrit word “kontha,” meaning rags, the Kantha technique transforms discarded fabric into exquisite masterpieces. This ancient craft has a rich history dating back centuries, developing from a frugal means of repurposing old garments into a creative expression and storytelling symbol. The intricacy of Kantha work embroidery lies in its delicate hand-stitched patterns, which breathe new life into each piece of cloth. At Sepia Stories, we celebrate the soulful journey of each Kantha fabric, bridging the past with the present, and creating art that transcends time.

Kantha embroidery

Dive into the allure of Kantha at Sepia Stories, where heritage meets contemporary elegance. Embracing the essence of this ancient craft, our curated collection showcases the exquisite artistry of Kantha stitching technique in every detail. Beyond mere threads, each piece tells a story, as Kantha meaning translates to “patched cloth” in Sanskrit. Sepia Stories Kantha jewelry pieces embody the spirit of innovation with a fusion of tradition and modern aesthetics, bringing the mesmerizing allure of Kantha stitch design to life. Explore the meaning behind each stitch, where history and craftsmanship intertwine seamlessly, creating a unique narrative that resonates with the soul.

Kantha stitching

Embark on a visual journey at Sepia Stories, where the artistry of Kantha work unfolds in a kaleidoscope of creativity. Our collection boasts a spectrum of vibrant hues, reflecting the rich palette of colors used in Kantha embroidery. Each piece is a canvas of tradition and innovation, showcasing diverse Kantha work designs that weave heritage and contemporary allure tales. From the classic Sujani Kantha to the intricate Baiton Kantha, our curated selection spans various types of Kantha, preserving the authenticity of this timeless craft. Explore the interplay of tradition and modernity, where every stitch narrates a story at Sepia Stories.

Kantha products

Discover the epitome of style and tradition, with our exclusive collection of Kantha tote bags at Sepia Stories. Immerse yourself in the intricate beauty of handcrafted artistry, where each bag becomes a canvas of storytelling through the timeless allure of Kantha stitch. Our online showcase unveils a captivating range, blending heritage with contemporary elegance, as we bring the essence of Kantha online to discerning patrons. Explore the diverse world of craftsmanship with various types of Kantha embroidery, from the geometric elegance of Dorokha Kantha to the floral finesse of Oaar Kantha. Elevate your fashion with the unique charm of Kantha to Sepia Stories.

Kantha design

Embark on a cultural odyssey with Sepia Stories and explores the timeless elegance of Kantha. Originating in India, our curated Kantha collection celebrates the intricate artistry of traditional embroidery. Adorned with captivating Kantha work designs, each piece is a testament to the skilled hands that weave narratives into fabric. From the vibrant hues to the delicate stitches, our offerings encapsulate the essence of centuries-old craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Kantha embroidery, where every thread tells a story. Step into a world where tradition meets contemporary allure, and indulge in the artful legacy of Kantha at Sepia Stories.