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Buy natural organic handmade women bags and purses online at SEPIA STORIES, an eco-friendly online store.
Explore a range of hand-printed and affordable Handcrafted women’s bags and clutches made from organic cotton cloth.
Upgrade your fashion wardrobe with these stylish, trendy, and affordable women’s bags and purses that are printed on natural cloth fabrics.
Exceptional and traditional Handcrafted and hand-printed women organic bags and clutches are now available at our online store Sepia Stories. These bags are trendy as well as affordable. There is a trend in today’s modern times for Handcrafted women’s bags which represent the culture of India. Just not they are affordable but support our Indian artists and where sepia stories help bring their Eco-friendly, vegan products at the market. It’s a style statement and uniqueness which makes our eco-friendly handmade products stand apart. We have a beautiful range of Affordable women cloth bags made from sewing materials to knitting patterns thus representing a distinctive feature of artists of India. Our handmade clutches and bags are made from good quality fabric with the best of craftsman shift. Whether you shop for eco-friendly handmade organic bags and clutches from trusted Vegan brands or another online store you would land up spending a lot of money without any guarantee of money. Handcrafted handmade organic women’s bags do not cost you a fortune but promise uniqueness while you own a clutch or a bag. There are many Indian brands that look like selling handmade eco-friendly bags and clutches but these are factory-made bags. We as an eco-friendly Indian brand believe in sustainable living and are a vegan brand located in Goa, India. Our Affordable handcrafted women’s bags and clutches are woven by hand and a fine piece of artistry and a perfect companion to carry your everyday essentials. Shop a wide range of eco-friendly handmade women’s bags and clutches at Sepia Stories, an eco-friendly vegan brand located in Goa, India. We have a huge collection of handmade leather bags and other shopping bags to explore on our website. Our leather tote bag is a perfect choice for people looking for some solution for the everyday bag to carry their belonging to office or college. Our leather shoulder bag will surely be liked by all working women in the corporate world.

Our bags and clutches are natural, eco-friendly, reusable, and washable. These bags and clutches are sustainable, zero waste, recyclable, handmade, printed, and made from 100% organic cotton. Our cotton is grown, spun, and woven by farmers of India. All our bags and clutches are handmade by local women and men. These are reusable, recyclable, sustainable bags, purses, tote,s and clutches. We have a unique handmade shoulder bag collection for both men and women looking to shop something for their office.

These are of its kind prints that are ethically designed and handcrafted by the local artists of India.
Refreshingly riveting.… surprisingly sustainable, hand-printed, vegan women leather bag and clutches.
Buy natural handmade and affordable women’s bags online in India, UAE, USA, Australia, Europe, Newzealand. We deliver organic handmade Eco-friendly products at all major cities in India like Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Pune, Indore, Karnataka, Kerala, Cochin, Chennai, Jaipur, Patna, Bhopal, Surat, Agra, Kanpur, Noida, Nagpur, Jodhpur, Coimbatore, Ludhiana, Gurugram, Mangalore, Udaipur, Rajkot, Aurangabad, Dubai. Our handmade shoulder bags are the most in-demand by the people. Our cotton handmade shoulder tote bag is handcrafted by artisans from the village.

We make luxurious handcrafted women’s bags and the finest leather bags in India. Our handmade leather bags have a minimalist design and are available at fair prices.  Our handmade collection includes office bags, laptops bags, clutches, and totes. Our beautiful artisanal bags are handmade by the artist and craftsman with ethical practices.

Putting afoot in direction of a sustainable lifestyle, we have curated a range of handmade organic bags, women’s purses, tote purses & fashion purses for the environmentally conscious. We make sustainable women’s purses made from natural fabrics and organic fabrics.  Our collection is perfect for women looking for unique ladies’ handbags or women’s bags for the office.

Handcrafted quirky tote bag made from organic and natural cloth from ASTITVA, a social enterprise in Bhopal. Should you choose to buy this product, you choose to enable rural women to earn a livelihood regularly.

This chic bag is made of premium natural seagrass which is tightly sewn up. It’s embellished with handcrafted crochet flowers giving it a stylish yet sustainable fashion statement. It’s lightweight sturdy and an eco-friendly alternative to leather or plastic. Water Reed products are completely natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

Talented skilled artisans develop our eco-friendly handmade bags connecting us to the cultural traditions of India. Being an ethical brand we contribute towards well being of the skilled artisans by ensuring that they are paid well. We use natural and sustainable cloth which is made up of jute, organic cotton, vegan PU. These are sourced locally from India by sustainable farming methods.

We also have jute tote bags that are the best reusable shopping bags. These are the best reusable grocery bag for everyday use while you go shopping to the market. As we manufacture designer sustainable bag, these are cost-effective and affordable. The current trend is fashion bags made from eco-friendly materials. These stylish zero waste bags are a perfect example of eco-friendly fashion bags.

Sepia Stories as a vegan brand believe to move forward to a sustainable, low carbon feature world.

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