Sepia Stories is proud to offer a wide range of clothing collections made from cotton fabric with the tie-dye technique. Tie-dye has been around for centuries, and it’s no surprise that it continues to be popular today. With its unique patterns and vibrant colours, tie dye adds character and personality to any outfit.Our collection features everything from t-shirts and dresses to pants and skirts made from high-quality cotton fabric. Each piece is carefully crafted using the tie-dye technique, creating a unique design that will stand out in any crowd. So whether you’re looking for something casual or more dressy, our collection has something for everyone.Not only is our tie-dye clothing fashionable, but it’s also comfortable and durable. Cotton fabric is known for being soft on the skin and strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.


What is tie dye?

Tie-dye is a type of textile art in which fabric is dyed with multiple colours in various patterns.

How is tie dye done?

Tie dye is done by tying, folding, or crumpling fabric and applying dyes. Clothes are usually secured with rubber bands or string and then soaked in dye.

What kind of fabrics can be used in tie dye?

cotton, rayon, silk, and wool

How do I set the dye?

After dyeing the fabric, the material must be washed out in cold water and then rinsed until the water runs clear. Afterwards, the fabric should be dried in a dryer or hung outside in the sun.

What’s the best way to make tie dye designs?

The best way to make tie dye designs is to experiment with different tying, folding, and crumpling techniques and mix different dye colours for unique effects.

Is tie-dye permanent?

Yes, tie-dye is usually permanent. Dyes used for tie-dyeing often contain fibre-reactive dyes designed to be long-lasting and resistant to fading.

How do you take care of tie-dye clothes?

To take care of tie-dye clothes, it is best to wash them in cold water and avoid drying them in the dryer. 

How do you wash a tie-dye shirt for the first time?

When washing for the first time, it is important to use a gentle detergent and to wash the garment separately from other items. After washing, hang or lay flat to dry. 

Tie dye

Tie and dye is a traditional art and craft still practiced in India today. For centuries, people have used the tie and dye printing process to create unique patterns on fabric. It is an important cultural practice in India, where the process of creating colourful designs uses these techniques of tie and dye. Previously, tie and dye clothes were used to adorn royalty and signify status. Today, tie and dye have remained an essential part of Indian culture, with its bright patterns used to create stunning printed dresses. The importance of tie and dye process lies in its ability to provide a unique look for any outfit.

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Cotton Clothing brand in India

shirt tie dye

Tie and dye, also known as tie-dye dresses, is a vibrant textile art form. It involves folding, twisting, and tying fabric, then applying various dyes to create unique, colorful patterns. The process yields a blend of rich, dynamic hues, often including vivid blues, reds, greens, and yellows. Tie dye has a rich cultural history, with origins in ancient Asia and Africa, but gained global popularity in the 1960s during the counterculture movement. Today, tie dye remains a beloved craft, adorning clothing, accessories, and home textiles. Its expressive, free-spirited aesthetic continues to inspire fashion and design, making tie and dye a timeless and captivating art form.

tie dye dress

A tie dye dress in plus size offers a fusion of style and comfort for
curvier figures. Its free-spirited patterns and flowing fabric celebrate individuality. With a flattering cut, it accentuates curves while providing a relaxed fit. The long sleeves add versatility, making it suitable for various seasons. Embrace your curves in a long-sleeved tie-dye dress, where fashion meets body positivity in a vibrant, expressive ensemble.

tie dye t shirt for men

Tie-dye colors infuse a burst of energy into clothing, and tie-dye t-shirts for men exemplify this trend with flair. These shirts showcase a vivid array of swirling, intermingling hues. From earthy tones to bold primaries, tie-dye offers a spectrum of shades, creating unique, eye-catching patterns. The technique involves binding sections of the fabric before applying dyes, resulting in unpredictable, mesmerizing designs.

Cotton tie dye dresses

Tie dye print fabrics have become increasingly popular in the fashion world, with various tie and dye fabric colours, shapes and sizes available. Sepia stories have one of the latest additions to this trend, featuring a unique take on traditional tie-dye designs. Sepia Cotton offers something for everyone with its distinctive tie dye cotton material and a range of beautiful tie dye print options. So whether you are looking for a tie dye crop top long sleeve, Sepia Cotton has something for you.

tie dye tops

Tie-dye tops have transcended their bohemian roots to become a versatile fashion staple. These garments showcase intricate tie-dye designs, which involve folding, twisting, and binding fabric before applying an array of vibrant dyes. The result is a mesmerizing fusion of colors, creating one-of-a-kind patterns that exude artistic flair.

Tie dye clothes women’s

Tie-dye is a colourful and fun way to express yourself through fashion. The trend has become even more popular in recent years, whether you are looking for long tops for women, tie, and dye crop tops, pants or other clothing items. Sepia Stories has an amazing selection of tie-dye clothes for women that will make you stand out from the crowd. So whether you are after something casual or a little dressier, there’s sure to be something perfect for you.

Tie and dye dresses online

Welcome to Sepia Stories, your destination for the trendiest tie and dye styles! Our website offers a successful selection of tie dye pants and top that will make any outfit look unique. Whether you’re looking for something casual, like a pair of tie dye pants outfit for everyday wear or something more dressy, like a printed cotton dress, we have what you need. Tie and dye dresses are a must-have item in any wardrobe, and online shopping provides an easy way to find the perfect dress for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a subtle floral printed dress or something more vibrant and unique, tie, and dye clothes from India offer a wide range of options. From traditional block prints with intricate detailing to bold new designs, there is sure to be something that fits your style and budget.

tie dye dupatta

A tie-dye dupatta is a vibrant and versatile accessory, showcasing intricate tie-dye patterns. This traditional textile art involves folding, binding, and dyeing fabric, resulting in mesmerizing, swirling designs. The array of colors meld together in unique, eye-catching combinations, adding a burst of artistic flair to any outfit. Tie-dye patterns range from classic spirals to contemporary bursts, offering a diverse array of options. Beyond dupattas, tie-dye has made its mark on various clothing items, from shirts to dresses, exuding a carefree, bohemian charm. This trend continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts seeking a bold and individualistic statement in their wardrobe.

Tie and dye tops

Tie and dye tops are the perfect way to add vibrancy and unique touch to your wardrobe. Although sepia stories offer women tops online made from cotton in different styles, there is something for everyone. From short sleeve to long sleeve tops for women, there are endless possibilities in tie and dye tops.

tie and dye maxi dress

A tie and dye maxi dress is a stunning embodiment of this ancient textile art form. This elegant garment boasts intricate dye patterns achieved through a combination of folding, binding, and dyeing techniques. The dye colors employed range from vivid primaries to softer pastels, resulting in a visually striking ensemble. Various dye techniques, like the classic spiral or the contemporary burst, create diverse and captivating designs. Tie-dye circles, a popular motif, evoke a sense of movement and harmony in the patterns.