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Eco fashion clothing brand in India

We are India’s best Ethical Clothing Brand with 100% Natural fabric clothes. We promote the use of sustainable linen clothing that complements our culture-inspired design. We love style, fashion and Indian handmade artistry that connects the human touch. Sustainable linen clothing is made from natural fabric cloth. Organic handmade clothing happens to be chemical-free clothes made by traditional artisans.

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We are here to revive, nurture and value eco-fashion clothes. Our area of focus as an ethical fashion brand is sustainable fashion and the fashion industry in India for handmade organic products. We use natural fabrics like cotton, muslin, linen, and mulmul for creating our clothes. We use natural techniques like tie-dye and Kantha on our clothes. Every handmade clothing brand has guidelines for creating a niche market for handwoven clothing.

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Only some of India’s most popular online clothing brands sell eco-fashion clothes. Sustainable, ethical clothing companies in India consider this an opportunity to grow and create awareness about sustainability. The ethical, sustainable fashion industry has few major brands that work with handwoven fabrics from artisans. With our store’s huge sustainable fashion clothing line, you can surely find eco-fashion clothes for yourself. We are inspired by Indian culture and incorporate styles like Jamdani, ikat, block, tie-dye, and Kantha in our clothes. We covet to unearth stories of traditional sustainable and handmade clothing in India, dusting the sands of times from its cover, seeking its simplicity and reviving its relevance to the modern now. The revival inspires us to organic handmade clothing, eco-friendly clothes, and handmade artisanal products with the very essence of that era in its current context. And narrate these stories through our designs, Organic handwoven fabrics, natural fabric clothes like cotton, muslin, linen, and mulmul, colours and prints amalgamating traditional and contemporary sensibilities.

We are one of India’s ethical sustainable linen clothing brands that are focused on making comfortable clothing for men and women. As one of the Ethical Clothing Brand, we source morally and responsibly. And want to embark on a journey of our organic handmade clothing that is both pure in style and guilt-free. We believe in slowing down and looking at the amazing platter of raw materials available with nature. With this ideology, we reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.

slow fashion brands India

The Indian fashion market has a few famous sustainable clothing brands to count upon. They are the pioneers in eco-fashion clothing. These slow fashion brands in India are tieing up with small handloom clothing brands in India for their apparel manufacturing. They source their handwoven fabrics from handloom manufacturers. We are among the few sustainable clothing brands having an ideology for slow and conscious non-chemical living. Major clothes use Jamdani, ikat, block, tie-dye, and Kantha printing techniques. Our beautiful chemical-free sustainable and ethical linen clothing is easy to wear, breathable garments for warm weather days. These are natural fabric clothes using cotton, muslin, linen, and mulmul fabrics are made for modern men and women looking for fashion in everyday wear. If you are looking for an ethical fashion brand, we at Sepia Stories are the preferred ethical shopping online store. We use other sustainable fabrics to produce clothing for men and women looking to shop online.

Handloom clothing brands in India

Sepia Stories advocates slowing down and promotes a conscious lifestyle. We curate handmade artisanal products, Organic handwoven fabrics, clothing, and handmade home décor products. Artisans from different corners of the country manufacture these products. A pure representation of a truly diverse and mindful land makes us one of India’s coveted conscious fashion labels. We collaborate with designers & Ethical Clothing brands who believe in slow ethical sustainable growth. We promote eco-friendly clothes, natural organic clothes, and cruelty-free products. Skilled artisans survive on handmade products and NGOs. We adhere to the concept of working with local artisans to strengthen their livelihood. The handmade accessories collection, sustainable footwear and other home decor products are organic in nature. We use natural print techniques such as Jamdani print, Ikat print, Block Print, tie-dye, and Kantha. Top linen clothing brands in India also use the technique of Jamdani in their weave to curate their fabrics.

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Organic handmade clothing using natural printing and dyeing techniques like Jamdani, ikat, block, tie-dye, and Kantha can never be mass-produced. Therefore, we work with weavers and artisans to source one-of-a-kind, small-batch textiles, clothing, and accessories that live up to our quality standards. We make what is required for the consumers, which ensures minimal wastage. We care that what happens to our products after they leave us is as important as the journey; they take to come to you. We believe in supporting and championing the work of artisans. We are passionate about preserving their skills and traditions by promoting chemical-free organic handmade clothing and Organic handwoven fabrics using cotton, muslin, linen, and mulmul.

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Unique weaves & distinctive printing techniques used by artisans of small slow fashion brands can’t produce mass sustainable fabric. Natural dyeing techniques like Jamdani, ikat, block, tie-dye, Kantha, and hand embroideries are passed on from generation to generation. These organic handwoven fabrics are produced in minimum quantity. Our objective is to provide you with a piece of it with our sustainable clothing line. Also, with the fabric, we nourish you with their thoughts, mastery, love, and rare stories. After all, we are their storytellers for eco-fashion clothing. We are competitors to other sustainable clothing brands. The store also has accessories for men and women, home accessories, sustainable footwear, and many other eco-friendly products.

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At Sepia Stories, our ethos is to design an effortless style with sustainability in our mind. Likewise, we also help people to make more considered decisions. This is the thought of Mother Nature is into every stitch of our handmade products. We endeavour to create handmade organic clothing and eco-friendly clothes that are ethical and sustainable and don’t leave behind a negative environmental impact. Of course, we are passionate about protecting and nurturing our planet.
In the same way, we also love Natural-fashion accessories and don’t believe the two need to be mutually exclusive. Thus that happens the real reason and the key inspirational factor behind our organic clothing range. We like to take thoughtful time in doing what we do. Most importantly, right from how we source organic handwoven fabrics. This could begin with sourcing raw materials like cotton, muslin, linen, and mulmul for our sustainable, ethical clothing line.

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We value our ethical clothing brand partnerships with our artisans and consumers. We want to bring positive change with our zero-waste philosophy and safeguard the environment with minimal impact. We strongly advocate the philosophy that every small change does matter. Our store is in Goa however we also supply assistance throughout the world via our eco-friendly online store. Our products are natural that are in fashion trends. We manufacture ethical and sustainable linen clothing using organic techniques, including Jamdani, ikat, block, tie-dye, and Kantha, for men’s and women’s clothing.

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We are a label concentrated on natural fabric clothes made of cotton, muslin, linen, and mulmul for men’s and women’s clothing in India. As an upcoming fashion label in India in handmade clothing, modern men, women, and pangender should strive for ethical sustainable fashion. We use printing techniques like Jamdani, ikat, block, tie-dye, and Kantha for printing and dyeing our clothes. Our customers consider us among the best sustainable clothing brands selling 100% organic cotton clothing for men and women. Sepia Stories is one of the best organic brands, selling affordable organic clothing at their online store. We are located in Goa and are India’s favourite organic clothing brand in casual clothing. Our products represent sustainable fashion prevailing in the world. We follow all norms for sustainable fashion and ensure every product is genuine. Our sustainable textile production is under a strict environment to get our focus on being sustainable fashion brands that sell clothes online for men and women.


We believe in Slow Fashion: aware and conscious in our approach to fashion.

We advocate investing in better-quality garments that transcends seasons, will last longer and valuing fair treatment of people, animals and the planet.


We have chosen to use in our collections: Organic, Recycled, Upcycled and Biodegradable Materials that leave less of a footprint at the end of their life cycles.

The use of organic and natural materials is essential in our assortment, ranging from Fashion to Lifestyle to Personal Care.

We are committed to sourcing the most ethical materials possible, with an emphasis on low-environmental impact and longevity.


We use natural dyes for dyeing most products.

Respect and gratitude for mother nature increases multifold when we see natural hue transfers from leaves, roots, seeds, barks, flowers or peels to yarn.

Some plants like Aloe Vera & Tulsi, impart medicinal properties to the fabrics making them therapeutic.

Natural dyes are good for the skin and most importantly, the dyeing process is sustainable positively impacting both the planet and your health.


We love the human connect in all our processes.

Hand spinning the yarn, hand weaving the fabric, hand block printing , hand dyeing, hand cutting the fabric, hand embroidery , hand stitching and hand finishing of the garments.

The unique weaves, distinctive printing, natural dyeing techniques and hand embroideries passed on from one to generation to another can never be mass produced, and we offer you a piece of it.


We design and curate effortless style with sustainability in mind, love for our planet and respect for all its beings.

We propagate Circular Design , Fair Dealings and Cruelty Free materials.

We encourage mindful consumption with limited batches of production.

We support small craft artisans and local communities.

We associate with brands and designers who resonate our ethos.

We are a no plastic brand.

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