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Homegrown brand

Discover the essence of sustainable style at Sepia Stories, where we celebrate the artistry of local artisans near you. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of narratives woven with care and dedication, as our curated collection showcases the finest craftsmanship under our exclusive Homegrown brand. Explore the intricate details of homegrown labels, each telling a story of tradition and innovation. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every thread, as we prioritize using premium organic cotton material—Sepia Stories – authentic fashion that proudly represents our community. As an ethical fashion organization, Sepia Stories embodies the principles of sustainability, from sourcing raw materials to the final production process, ensuring transparency and accountability at every step.

Homegrown clothing brand

Step into the world of timeless elegance at Sepia Stories, where we showcase a curated selection of exquisite craftsmanship from homegrown jewellery brands and leading clothing brands in India. Our platform bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary fashion, offering a unique blend of styles under the banner of the homegrown brand. Dive into the charm of the local artisans market, where every piece tells a tale of cultural richness and artistic finesse. Experience India’s diverse heritage in our stylish collection. At Sepia Stories, we redefine fashion by celebrating the narratives of our talented artisans. Their dedication to the sustainable fashion movement is not just a business strategy but a core value that drives their mission to make the fashion industry more responsible and less harmful to the planet.

Homegrown labels

Enter a fashion realm that combines authenticity and sustainability at Sepia Stories. Our exclusive collection proudly features the essence of Indian craftsmanship under the distinguished banner of the Homegrown brand. As one of the top 10 clothing brands in India, we prioritize quality and style, curating pieces that transcend trends. Explore our selection of meticulously crafted garments, adorned with the distinct charm of homegrown labels. Embrace a conscious approach to fashion with our range of sustainable clothing, where each piece tells a story of ethical elegance. At Sepia Stories, we redefine style by blending tradition, innovation, and a commitment to a brighter, greener future. Through their beautifully crafted sustainable fashion articles, Sepia Stories educates and inspires consumers about the importance of mindful consumption and the actual cost of fast fashion.

Homegrown ethnic brands

Discover the allure of timeless fashion at Sepia Stories, your gateway to exquisite craftsmanship and style. As a distinguished homegrown brand, we take pride in showcasing the creativity and artistry of local talent. Our curated selection features the finest creations from emerging homegrown fashion brands and homegrown clothing brands, ensuring a blend of tradition and contemporary flair. Sepia Stories creates sustainable jobs for artisans, empowering communities. Every purchase from our collection contributes to supporting and uplifting these skilled individuals. Step into a world where style meets social responsibility, only at Sepia Stories. By offering high-quality, ethically made garments, Sepia Stories challenges the throwaway culture perpetuated by fast fashion brands, encouraging consumers to invest in timeless pieces that stand the test of time.
Best homegrown clothing brands in India
Indulge in a tapestry of elegance with Sepia Stories, your destination for the best homegrown clothing brands in India. Our curated collection unfolds a narrative of style and substance, featuring handpicked pieces that embody the essence of craftsmanship. Explore the artistry of our meticulously chosen handmade products, each telling a unique story of passion and skill. At Sepia Stories, we go beyond fashion; we embrace a commitment to sustainability with our range of eco-friendly handmade products. Experience a world where every purchase embodies style, ethics, and environmental consciousness. Their collections feature sustainable clothing crafted from organic fabrics and natural dyes, often handwoven by skilled artisans, thus supporting local communities and preserving traditional skills.
Sustainable fashion brand
Sepia Stories is a homegrown brand that stands as a paragon of sustainable fashion, seamlessly merging traditional craftsmanship with modern eco-conscious practices to redefine what it means to be a sustainable fashion brand. In a market dominated by fast fashion clothes and brands that prioritize rapid turnover over ethical considerations, Sepia Stories offers a refreshing alternative rooted in authenticity and responsibility. Sustainable fashion means more than just using eco-friendly materials; it involves a holistic approach that encompasses ethical production, fair trade practices, and a commitment to reducing environmental impact. Sepia Stories excel in all these areas, showcasing the best of sustainable fashion in India by leveraging the rich textile heritage of the country.

Apart from working with the artisans, printers and weavers pan India, we at Sepia Stories also try to support and work with the local community. We have engaged local artisans for hand embroideries and crochet accessories. To get real insights on eco friendly clothing and sustainable practices do visit our blogs section.

We also engage with NGO’s from different regions of the country to connect with the locals and support them with work. We have collaborated with brands or organisations engaged in offering work to the local women. Most of these rural women are underprivileged and we humbly support them by fair wages and providing working in a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment.

We aim to be a local home-grown brand with global relevance.

Sepia Stories, a shining example of a homegrown brand, seamlessly intertwine recycled fashion with sustainable practices to set new standards in the eco friendly clothing industry. Specializing in cotton clothing and deeply rooted in the handloom industry, Sepia Stories brings a unique blend of tradition and innovation to the forefront of sustainable fashion. Each piece in their collection is a testament to their commitment to zero waste fashion, meticulously crafted from organic materials and recycled fabrics that minimize environmental impact while maximizing style and comfort. Their organic clothing line offers timeless, versatile pieces that are as durable as they are stylish, challenging the throwaway culture perpetuated by fast fashion.