These handmade cotton dhotis blend style, comfort, and sustainability perfectly. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are soft and gentle on the skin and eco-friendly.

The dhotis come in a range of colours that reflect the earthy tones of nature. In addition, they feature intricate hand-embroidered designs that add an element of sophistication to any outfit. Skilled artisans carefully craft each piece with years of experience in traditional textile techniques.

When you buy one of these organic handmade cotton dhotis for men from Sepia Stories, you get a high-quality product and support sustainable fashion practices. You can wear them confidently, knowing that your purchase has contributed to reducing environmental impact and promoting ethical fashion.

Buy handloom cotton dhoti

Enhance your ethnic wardrobe with the exquisite handloom cotton dhoti collection by Sepia Stories. Our meticulously crafted dhoti with kurta sets are a celebration of Indian heritage and style. We take pride in offering premium quality handloom dhotis that exhibit timeless craftsmanship and comfort. Each piece is woven with care using the finest cotton dhoti material, making it ideal for various occasions. Whether you’re attending a festive gathering or seeking everyday elegance, our handloom dhotis are the perfect choice. Elevate your fashion game with Sepia Stories, where tradition meets contemporary design in every cotton dhoti we offer.

Cotton dhoti

Sepia Stories presents a splendid range of cotton dhotis that perfectly complement the traditional Indian attire, dhoti kurta for men. Our mens dhoti kurta sets are a blend of classic charm and contemporary style. Crafted from premium cotton, our dhotis offer exceptional comfort while maintaining a sense of timeless elegance. With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, our dhoti collection adds a touch of sophistication to your ethnic wardrobe. Embrace the cultural heritage and make a fashion statement with Sepia Stories’ cotton dhoti sets, tailored for those who appreciate the fusion of tradition and modernity in their attire.

Dhoti for men

Step into the world of traditional elegance with Sepia Stories, your exclusive destination for men’s dhotis. We’re dedicated solely to dhotis, and our collection is a testament to our commitment to this timeless Indian attire. Whether you’re seeking a Dhoti kurta with jacket ensemble for a special occasion, comfortable and trendy dhoti trousers for daily wear, or exquisite zari dhotis that exude opulence, Sepia Stories have you covered. Our focus is unwavering we provide a curated selection of dhotis, where each piece is a masterpiece. Explore the heritage of dhotis with Sepia Stories, where tradition finds a contemporary expression.

Men’s dhoti

Sepia Stories, your ultimate destination for men’s dhotis, offers a captivating array of ready made dhotis. Our collection seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary style, featuring exquisite silk dhotis that exude elegance. We take pride in presenting the classic kurta dhoti for men, a timeless ensemble that encapsulates the essence of Indian heritage. Sepia Stories is your go-to source for high-quality, ready-made dhotis that make a statement, whether you’re attending a special occasion or simply embracing cultural attire. Explore our silk dhoti collection and elevate your style with the finest craftsmanship in the world of men’s dhotis.

Cotton dhoti for men

Discover the timeless charm of the Sepia Stories’ cotton dhoti collection for men. Our meticulously crafted Bengali dhotis, adorned with intricate dhoti border designs, redefine traditional elegance. Each cotton dhoti is a masterpiece, reflecting the artistry of skilled craftsmen. Whether you seek comfort in everyday wear or sophistication for special occasions, our cotton dhotis cater to every need. Experience the grace of Bengali tradition through our cotton dhoti for men, where every fold unveils a story of craftsmanship and style. Choose Sepia Stories for cotton dhotis that blend tradition and contemporary fashion seamlessly, offering you the perfect attire for any momentous event..

South indian dhoti

Sepia Stories proudly presents an exclusive collection dedicated to the timeless charm of South Indian dhotis. Our focus is unwavering we specialize in crafting the finest South Indian dhoti designs for men. Explore the elegance of traditional dhoti and kurta sets that we meticulously create for those seeking the authentic South Indian look. With readymade dhotis designed for comfort and style, Sepia Stories ensures that your attire is perfect for any occasion. Please note that our dedication lies solely in providing the best dhoti options. Discover the essence of South Indian culture through our exquisite dhoti collection, where quality meets tradition effortlessly.

Cotton dhoti online

Discover the epitome of style and tradition with the Sepia Stories’ premium collection of Cotton Dhotis online. Our handpicked assortment includes high-quality Dhoti, ensuring that you not only look your best but also feel exceptionally comfortable on your special day. With a focus on high quality, we offer the finest selection of Dhotis that exudes elegance and sophistication. Sepia Stories is your trusted source for high-quality Dhotis online, making your search for the perfect Punjabi Dhoti or Dhoti Kurta for groom an effortless and delightful experience. Elevate your style quotient with us, and embrace tradition with a touch of modern sophistication.

Traditional dhoti

Elevate your style quotient with our exclusive collection of silk dhoti for men, meticulously designed to bring a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Paired seamlessly with a dhoti kurta ensemble, our khadi cotton dhoti is a statement of timeless elegance. For those seeking a contemporary twist, our printed dhoti for men adds a dash of vibrancy to your traditional attire. The fusion of kurta on dhoti exemplifies the perfect amalgamation of tradition and fashion. Explore our range and redefine your ethnic fashion with these exquisite pieces, showcasing a blend of craftsmanship, comfort, and sartorial finesse.

Dhoti online

Discover a world of elegance and tradition at Sepia Stories, where you can buy dhoti online with ease. Our collection features exquisite silk dhoti kurta sets and classic white dhoti kurta ensembles, perfect for every occasion. For those who appreciate the comfort of cotton, we offer a variety of men’s cotton dhoti options, designed to keep you at ease while embracing your cultural roots. Our men’s dhoti kurta range showcases impeccable craftsmanship, blending modern fashion sensibilities with timeless charm. Shop online at Sepia Stories and redefine your ethnic wardrobe with our meticulously curated collection that exudes grace and style.

Silk dhoti

Sepia Stories presents an exquisite handloom dhoti, tailored for men seeking an elegant attire for religious ceremonies. Our silk dhoti for pooja is a blend of tradition and sophistication. Crafted with precision, this handwoven masterpiece embodies timeless charm. The rich, lustrous silk fabric drapes gracefully, adding a touch of opulence to your rituals. The dhoti’s intricate craftsmanship ensures comfort and style, enhancing your spiritual experience. Sepia Stories’ silk dhoti for men is not just clothing; it’s a statement of reverence, a testament to craftsmanship, and a symbol of cultural pride. Elevate your rituals with our silk dhoti, a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary luxury.

Handloom dhoti

Sepia Stories presents a captivating selection of handloom dhotis online, crafted with utmost precision for men seeking traditional elegance, especially dhoti for puja occasions. Our handloom dhotis exemplify the artistry of skilled weavers, combining timeless charm and contemporary style. Paired with a meticulously tailored dhoti kurta for men, our collection embodies the essence of cultural richness. These handpicked ensembles bring a sense of sacredness and grace to your rituals. Explore our online offerings and embrace the tradition with Sepia Stories’ handloom dhoti, a symbol of craftsmanship, devotion, and sartorial finesse, making your puja moments even more special.

Pure cotton dhoti

Sepia Stories proudly introduces a range of pure cotton dhotis, tailored for the modern man seeking both comfort and style in traditional attire. Our stylish dhoti for men are a testament to the fusion of heritage and contemporary fashion. Wearing a dhoti is not just a choice; it’s a statement of cultural pride. Our collection allows you to effortlessly wear dhoti and embrace the timeless charm it carries. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our pure cotton dhotis provide the utmost comfort while exuding sophistication. Experience the elegance of tradition with Sepia Stories, where fashion meets heritage in every fold of our dhotis.



Are the dhotis at Sepia Stores actually handmade?

Yes, all of the dhotis sold at Sepia Stores are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

What are dhotis made of?

Dhotis are commonly found in white and cream shades, crafted from cotton fabric. In many southern areas, they are often embellished with a golden border. Typically, dhotis are made from 5-yard long strips of cloth.

What is the significance of dhoti function?

The Dhoti ceremony signifies the transition of a young boy into adulthood, and this milestone will be celebrated with family, relatives, and friends.

What to wear with dhoti men?

formal occasions, opt for dhoti pants in luxurious fabrics like silk or brocade. Complete the ensemble with a crisp dress shirt and formal shoes for a sophisticated appearance.

Which fabric is used for dhoti?

Dhotis are predominantly made from cotton due to its widespread popularity as a fabric option.

How long should dhoti be?

A dhoti, typically 15 feet in length, is created from a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth. It is wrapped around the waist and legs, then knotted either in the front or back to secure it in place.

Is dhoti national dress of India?

The dhoti is recognized as the traditional attire of India.

Where can I purchase handmade cotton dhotis?

Handmade cotton dhotis are available at Sepia Stores, an online store specializing in traditional Indian clothing and accessories.