Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood with Mai-Yur-Ma symbol (steel form) in the center. The symbol is a lovely artwork of steel inlay on wood which magnifies the beauty of this trivet. Concept: Infuse Loving Divine Energy. Dr. Masaru Emoto has claimed that human consciousness can have effects on the crystalline structure of water; and water reacts differently to various thoughts and emotions that it is exposed to. This means, water has memory and can actually ‘retain’ and ‘transfer’ the energy that is infused into it when consumed. This Energizer Trivet helps you strengthen the purity and positivity of the water you consume through the powerful symbol of Mai-Yur-Ma which signifies Loving Divine Energy. Mai-Yur-Ma can create harmony, healing & flow in life. With this beautiful trivet, you can consciously energize the water before consuming it by placing over the Mai-Yur-Ma symbol.
How to use: Keep this trivet anywhere- at work, in the kitchen or on your bedside table to consciously energize the water you consume. Your body is infused with positive, loving and healing energy which magnifies your aura. | You consume water in its purest form.
Place a jug or glass of water over the symbol (the longer, the better!) to infuse it with Loving Divine Energy (positive and healing vibrations). When you consume the water, imagine the energy transferring and flowing through your body. | You can also place a bowl of fruits/salad, glass of juice or anything edible on this trivet to consciously energize it.

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