Manufactured: Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood with hand stitched design of a beautiful leaf and a powerful affirmation engraved on it. Special Token GRATO having symbol of Gratitude engraved on it
Concept: This Gratitude Box helps you express your thankfulness through special gratitude tokens and a personalized message. Giving out a Gratitude Token with a deep, sincere feeling of gratitude not only conveys your genuine appreciation; but also gives you a lot of love, success and happiness.
Contains a set of Gratitude Tokens. These tokens are to be given as a souvenir to someone who shows an act of kindness, helpfulness or selflessness; with sincere appreciation and gratefulness for the gesture.
How to Use: Start recognizing moment when you feel helped, supported, care for, make these moment special for the one who created them for you. Surprise them by gifting a ‘GRATO’ with a personalized message and sincere feeling of gratitude.

  Estimated Delivery  Jun 04 Jun 07