Powerful, yet gentle, this all-in-one cleanser effectively removes makeup and cleanses while refreshing your skin. A multi-purpose cleanser, it captures and lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup without any harsh rubbing. Result? Perfectly clean, hydrated and breathable skin, even after a night out or day in bustling cities. It’s truly a delight!

Ingredients: Rose Water | Coconut oil

Shelf life: Use within 24 months of manufacturing

Size: 20 ml

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Take a cotton pad, or even better, a reusable face scrubbie.
Pour a few drops of the Facial Cleanser and gently wipe your skin.
Rinse with cold water and pat dry.
Use only 2-3 drops.
Avoid getting the solution in your eyes.
Once done, there are many ways to ensure the jar doesn’t go waste
Reuse the glass jar for other household items or DIY ideas
Repurpose the glass jar as beautiful vases or household item storage
Refill more Bare goodies using our refill stations or returning the jars to us
Return the glass jars to Bare Necessities for further discounts and generate less waste!
Recycle the glass jar at your nearest dry waste centers