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seed pencils

Plant your pencil and watch it grow! How you may ask? These wood- free Recycled newspaper pencils have a small bulb of seeds at the bottom, once your pencil is too short to use, you can plant it into a pot or your garden bed (step wise instructions on the box) and watch the seeds sprout into a plant. These Pencils are made by tightly rolling paper around the graphite(lead) with super strength! These 100% eco-friendly 2B pencils are smooth to write with and easy to sharpen. Makes a great gift for fellow Eco-warriors!
Why Newspaper pencils?
1. In India alone, we consume around 15-18 billion pencils each year and that comes at a grave cost of 7 Million trees annually.
2. These trees can be saved by repurposing old newspapers into pencils.
3. They are wood free and 100% eco friendly.
4. There are no breakages while sharpening making it long lasting
Packaging :
1. Both the product and packaging are sustainable. The packaging is recycled and recyclable, so you can simply put it in your paper recycling or compost it directly.
2. The shavings are paper and can be put into the wet waste /compost.

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